Virgo Sign

August 21 – September 22 approx.

The Virgo sign is a Mutable Earth sign, symbolized by the Virgin, with Mercury as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). It is discriminating, critical, inquisitive, industrious, neat and orderly. Characterized by humility and spontaneous helpfulness, with a desire to serve. Virgo is meticulous, often gaining mastery within a chosen field. Very good at organizing information, Virgo can create order out of chaos.

Virgos have a reputation for being a bit OCD but this is somewhat unfair. There’s definitely an OCD streak, but it doesn’t tend to get out of hand. Virgo’s like to be natural, clean and ‘pure’ (much like their symbol, the Virgin). They are sensitive souls and somewhat shy in new circumstances or with new people. Once they become familiar though they open up. They shun the limelight, preferring to be (appreciated) in the background. 

Virgos have a sense of duty or responsibility, and worry about it, even if they’ve decided to give themselves permission to let their hair down for once.

Sun in Virgo

With Sun in Virgo, perfection is the name of the game. Reserved, precise, industrious, punctual and reliable, Virgo sun sign people are hard workers with common sense. They enjoy meticulous work of a technical nature, ideally providing a service for others. They don’t feel the need to be in charge and are happy providing service, rather than leadership. Virgos can also be withdrawn, self-obsessed, difficult to please and pessimistic. They have enquiring minds, ideal for analysis, but this can make it hard for them to relax. This perfectionist trait can cause excessive worrying which can affect their health. Cultivating a positive outlook would be beneficial.

virgo signVirgo natives excel at organizing. They love order; being within it or creating it. Because of this they consistently seek perfection in all they do, and all that others do. This can cause them to feel let down when they don’t find it, or when they feel other people don’t match their exacting standards. As a result they may become very critical.

This desire for perfection can also cause excessive worry; they worry about whether they are going to be good enough, are good enough or were good enough. From any perspective, they can be too harsh on themselves and worry about the outcome or what others may think of them. This can cause health issues, especially digestive problems. It would benefit them to cultivate a more optimistic outlook as this will positively impact their health. Aside from this, they generally tend to be healthy and enjoy looking after themselves. As Virgo is an Earth sign, they tend to have a good connection with their body and nutrition. They can often look more youthful than their age belies.

Virgos dream of perfection and really desire to excel at something. This may lead to a lot of unfinished projects as they flit from one thing to another. Others, may even pretend they’re not bothered, in an attempt to quell their perfectionist desires, and the possibility of failure. They can be protective of their work and unfinished projects, for fear of being judged, and often think their way of doing things is the best.

Solar Virgos like to be appreciated and respected. They are great at marrying up thinking with doing, and will work to get the job done. They are helpful and kind, loyal and willing, and they like to feel appreciated for this. They’ll probably down-play compliments and are very self-effacing, but deep down, still want to know you appreciate their efforts.