Taurus Sign

April 21 – May 22 approx.

The Taurus sign is a fixed Earth sign, symbolized by the Bull, with Venus as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). Taureans are slow and steady, love to build things are have the resolve to see long-term projects to a conclusion.

They are also very romantic (they do have Venus as their planetary ruler after all) and they appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Taurus natives are practical and methodical and use that to achieve security within their lives. They like to make sure any action they take will serve a purpose. Their desire for security also extends to emotional security, to the point where they regard someone else’s affection as their property. Taureans, like the Bull that represents them, are methodical, purposeful and slow to anger, but once aggravated, can be malicious and vengeful.

People with the Taurus sign tend to be persistent, strong, determined, stable, quiet (until pushed too far), stubborn, patient, practical, loyal, passive and affectionate. They can be unassuming, have firm convictions and resist pressure/pushing, although they can be led/enticed.

Taureans like to build, amass resources/possessions, and finances are imperative. Although they like to build, they take their time as they need it to be done correctly and with little risk. They like to be practical and see the fruits of their labor, and are good at finishing projects others have abandoned. They are excellent at completing tasks through sheer will-power.

taurus sign

Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus natives are deliberate, determined, persistent, strong, practical, loyal and compassionate. They like to feel like they are ‘doing’ something and like to use their hands to build, thus being able to see the results physically. They are happy to perform mundane work as long as it serves a purpose. The desire to create physical results, and acquire material possessions can leave them feeling emotionally insecure if they can’t physically see and touch the objects they own. However, this desire can potentially lead to Taureans treating other people as possessions, which can cause difficulty within relationships.

taurus signBecause people born under the Taurus sign are reliable, they are very good at finishing projects, particularly those started by others. They may not be so good at initiating new projects themselves, or particularly quick but they are deliberate and dependable, and excellent at seeing it through. Like the Bull that represents them, they can lead but you won’t be able to push them.

Although it takes a lot to enrage a Taurean, when they do get angry you’ll know about it!  They are, after all, represented by a Bull. They will also need a little while to calm down – just let them be – don’t try to push them.

Taurus natives are steadfast in their opinions and it’s difficult to change their mind, but if you manage it, it will be very difficult to change it back. Because of this, people feel safe and secure around Taureans, especially in a crisis, as they are unlikely to flap, and have the patience to find a solution.

Taureans appreciate beauty in all forms and can be very affectionate and romantic, but because of their need to acquire possessions, they can be over-possessive and jealous within relationships. They fear loss. It would serve them well to learn to detach and focus their desires on more spiritual or mental values.