Scorpio Sign

October 21 – November 22 approx.

The Scorpio sign is a Fixed Water sign, symbolized by the Scorpion, with Pluto/Mars as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). It is a potent sign defined by intense emotions, staying power, compulsive desires, secrecy and stinging revenge. Extremely loyal with loved ones, Scorpio can become self-centered, ready to deliver stinging sarcasm. Scorpio sign is strong willed, industrious, assertive while silent, tricky, subtle and heroic. It must learn not to restrain emotion as it causes blockages and compulsive behavior. Scorpio is associated with nature, healing power, sex, military and surgery. Planets in the Scorpio sign will be colored by compulsive behaviors, passion, secrecy, control and depth.

Sun in Scorpio

There are two animals that represent Scorpio: the Eagle and the Scorpion. The Eagle symbolizes reaching great heights because it has mastered its lower self and the temptations of the sensual realm – it has risen above the physical world. The Scorpion symbolizes those who haven’t risen and live degenerate lives. They are happy to satiate their desires and passions at whatever cost, and are prepared to be devious and cunning. They are patient and cunning, and will strike when least expected. Scorpios desire power; not the prestige kind, but ‘proper’ power. They are even happy to be in the background, as long are powerful. 

People who are Scorpio Sun natives tend to be efficient, resourceful, ambitious and intuitive. However, they can also be resentful, jealous, stubborn, vindictive, and possessive. They enjoy work that requires concentration and determined effort. They possess an analytical mind, perception and intuition, and it is this intuition that makes them difficult to deceive. Their wilfulness allows them bide their time when it comes to getting what they want and their determination helps them achieve it. They can have strong opinions and be resolute with them – it can be impossible to change their minds.

scorpio signScorpio natives make friends easily and are extremely loyal to them. They like to know what your plans are but can be cagy about theirs. If they feel a friend or loved one is being threatened in any way, they feel that too and will strike out, verbally or physically. 

Scorpios dislike criticism and can lose all sense of judgement when criticised. They may become sarcastic or just blank the ‘offender’. It is possible that they will feel a spiteful need to get even, and if need be, they are capable of waiting a long time to redress the balance. Scorpios need to learn forgiveness. 

Because of their devious nature, it can be hard to deceive a Scorpio. They are very intuitive and excellent at reading people. They can receive strong first impressions of people which can be very difficult to change. If they could improve mental flexibility it would benefit them, not just with first impressions, but in general. 

Scorpios natives like to do things to extremes and are more interested in depth than breadth. Incidental details are boring to them. They like intensity in whatever they do and are determined once started. Getting them to first commit however, is another story. 

Solar Scorpios like to know everything and get to the bottom of everything. There are powerful emotions running below the surface which allow them to keep going and remain resolutely on course, which may even be to the detriment of others if they stand in the way.

Scorpios are generally self-sufficient, but not always self-assured. They can often be too hard on themselves and are their own worst critic. They are happy in the background, not often seeking plaudits.