Sagittarius Sign

November 21 – December 22 approx.

The Sagittarius sign is a Mutable Fire sign, symbolized by the Archer/Centaur, with Jupiter as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). Sagittarians are restless by nature. They like to be constantly on the go and love taking action. If they feel stuck they will immediately look for a way out. They crave freedom and greener pastures.

Sagittarians have an infectious optimism and a curious nature that drives them to learn. They can have a hasty temper (Fire sign) but forgive quickly. They are normally relaxed and easy-going.

Sun in Sagittarius

With Sun in Sagittarius, you are optimistic, dependable, friendly, open-minded and honest. You can also be self-righteous, arrogant and dogmatic. Solar Sagittarians tend to be outspoken, almost too much so, although it is often perceived as ‘trying to help’ as opposed to having harmful intent. Sagittarians are philosophical and desire a greater understanding of life. They have a faith in a power outside of themselves which allows them to remain optimistic in the face of tribulation. They strive to understand the meaning of life and stretch themselves, sometimes too thin, by taking on too many projects. All of this does contribute to their personal growth, but they should be mindful that they also need ‘down time’. This desire to understand more and more can cause them to move in too many directions at the same time, which can result in fatigue. 

Sagittarians have a tendency to start projects with gusto and then let the energy decline, instead of seeing them through until the end. Problems along the way, or boring details derail them and their eagerness wanes.

Sagittarians are friendly, helpful and get on with people. They like good conversation and debate, and have a knack of making friends easily. They can travel/go anywhere and chat to people with ease, thus avoiding feeling lonely as they make friends en route. They are personable and compassionate, and will help anyone in need. Sagittarians are dependable, loyal friends as their is nothing underhand in their character.

Sagittarians can be restless and have a need for personal freedom, resulting in physical or emotional claustrophobia if smothered. This explains their reluctance to involve themselves in situations where they are required to commit fully, including marriage. They are romantic at heart but need a communicative partner willing to give them space. They are fun people who enjoy flirting, but despise jealousy, so need an easy-going partner. They are loyal though and merely enjoy the chase (more than the catch).

From a career aspect, Sagittarians like freedom. This may result in them ‘trying out’ a number of different jobs until they find one that suits. They may prefer jobs that include travel or a flexible schedule. They are likely to enjoy jobs that involve interacting with people e.g. sales etc.

Solar Sagittarians may get bored with details but their general planning skills are good. They enjoy a challenge as it allows them to figure out and overcome a problem.