Pisces Sign

February 18 – March 21 approx.

The Pisces sign is a Mutable Water sign, symbolized by the Fish, with Neptune/Jupiter as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). Pisces sign characteristics include a sense of unity with all life, sensitivity to non-physical consciousness (supernatural), and mysticism. Pisces is gentle, kind, sympathetic, shy, dependent and mediumistic. It is very sensitive to the feelings of others and unconsciously absorbs the energy of its immediate environment. Because of this, Pisces can fit in to surroundings well, but may become ‘invisible’ to others and therefore overlooked for opportunities. Pisces has extra-sensory perception and can more easily tune in to higher vibrations/consciousness – this can often be called ‘imagination’ by those who can’t. Because of this connection to non-physical, Pisces often posses artistic and/or musical talents, although they must be aware that they need to remain grounded and keep one foot in the material/earthly realm. They have a natural inclination towards peace, and live within emotions and feelings as if they were tangible real-world physicality. For a Pisces though, emotions and feelings are tangible real-world physicality.

Sun in Pisces

People born under Sun in Pisces are compassionate, intuitive, easy-going, creative, unassuming, sympathetic, emotional, adaptable, versatile, self-sacrificing and imaginative. They can also be indecisive, over-sensitive, changeable and self-pitying. In love, they are romantic and sentimental. They can feel hurt if that isn’t reciprocated and have a tendency to idolise their loved one, which can lead to disappointment when they realise that their partner has faults too.

Pisces sign natives have two opposing internal forces, represented by their symbol: the two fish, that can cause insecurity and indecision. One fish represents their personality, the other their spirit. Some Pisceans will have a hard time managing this and may seek comfort through excess e.g. alcohol, food, drugs etc. However, balanced correctly, Pisces have the ability to soar to great heights through self-denial and sacrifice. Life lesson: perseverance.

pisces signPisceans are sensitive to the energy around them and absorb it like a sponge. It is therefore important they surround themselves with uplifting people and events. They are good at sensing the thoughts and feelings of others.

Pisces sign natives are generally easy-going, and do not normally possess a lot of will-power. They may appear determined on the outside, but inside they can have doubts. This can lead to them needing reassurance from other people and they should learn to believe in themselves.

Pisces like to serve others and tend to be generous with their time. This outward focus also helps to keep them from becoming introverted. This desire to help and serve can lead to difficulty when faced with an awkward situation or relationship that they should sever. They can sometimes be reluctant to cause hurt and therefore remain in a relationship, thinking that maybe they can make it all better. Pisces sign natives tend to think with their heart, and they can easily fall for a sob story, often to their detriment.

Pisces sign natives can lack vigor, which leads others to think they are a bit lazy, when in fact they just need some time each day to gather their thoughts and focus their energies. Many Pisceans are attracted to the arts as a way of escaping the mundaneness of day-to-day living, whilst at the same time allowing them to be ‘someone else’. They are generally good at being aware of their own limitations, although this can lead to excessive self-doubt if not kept in check. They may also become easily depressed by comments from others due to their sensitivity, and find it difficult to brush off.