Libra Sign

September 21 – October 22 approx.

The Libra sign is a Cardinal Air sign, symbolized by the Scales, with Venus as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). It is perceptive, intuitive, fair, impartial, and diplomatic. Libra seeks balance in partnerships and groups. Libra is motivated to see justice is upheld and will use diplomacy in social settings to maintain harmony. Libra sign loves art, music, dancing and can be very talented in those areas. With the ability to see both sides of a situation, Libra’s continuous weighing up of the options can make for moodiness and fickleness.

Libra likes balance and avoids creating waves, even if that means being dishonest. They can sometimes cause trouble trying to please everyone by holding the middle ground, and this is where their reputation for not always being truthful comes from. In reality, they’re just trying to keep everyone happy, not intentionally deceive anyone.

Sun in Libra

If you are Sun in Libra, you like to weigh up your options before making a decision. This can also make you indecisive though, as you tip the scales one way then the other, trying to achieve balance. Libra have a reputation as peace-loving, but the aforementioned ‘tipping the scales’ can often create trouble. They try to please all of the people all of the time! This can also result in telling ‘white’ lies in order to keep the peace, which may cause some to think they are devious.

libra signLibrans have an inherent sense of fairness and can be cooperative, helpful, diplomatic, sociable, disingenuous and self-indulgent. They enjoy working in partnerships, and as such can have difficulty being alone and need to share their life with someone special. They are romantic and sentimental and may rush into relationships or marriage because they are ‘in love with love’, ultimately landing them in a difficult relationship. Libra natives find it very hard to remain stable within an emotionally unstable environment, leading to them wanting to find peace at any cost, which allows others to take advantage. They are good at seeing both sides of an argument and may refrain from choosing to side with one point of view. However, their desire to be all things to all people means they can have trouble saying ‘no’.

Some of the other more forceful signs may regard Libra as weak, due to their indecision, but remember, without Librans life may just be a little more unfair.