Leo Sign

July 21 – August 22 approx.

The Leo sign is a Fixed Fire sign, symbolized by the Lion, with the Sun as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). It is strong, forceful, impulsive and generous.

Leo is kind, warm, loyal, commanding, high-spirited and courageous, and lives through the heart as opposed to reason. Leo is very creative with the Sun as the ruling planet and loves to take pride in presenting the expression of itself to the world.

They can be very out-going, with a dramatic flair for story-telling, and enjoy being in the spotlight. Despite this flamboyance, they can actually be quite humble on the inside, and often blame themselves before others if things go awry.

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo natives are regal, courageous, dignified, powerful, affectionate, playful, ambitious, loyal, optimistic and happy. They can also be demanding, intolerant and closed-minded though. They like projects that are creative and allow them to showcase their leadership. Although they appear outwardly strong, they are sensitive inside and it can be easy to hurt their feelings. Due to their sense of pride this can cause them to lash out. 

Leos are hard-working, enjoy the finer things in life and understand what it takes to acquire them. Like their symbol, the lion, they can be super-relaxed, lazy and sleep a lot, but when it’s time to work they are full on.

leo signLeos like to be dramatic, the centre of attention and have a good time. They can be forceful when required but mean acts are out of character. They act in accordance with the belief that whatever they do is for the benefit of the other person. Leos are cheerful and affectionate, and very generous, although if angered, they adopt their ‘royal’ position, quickly putting the opposition back in their place. They may even ‘roar’ at people to achieve this but once all is done, they are quick to forgive and forget. 

Leos tend to have good health due to their vitality and recuperative powers. If they are ill they generally recover quickly. Although rarely depressed, when they are, they are literally rock-bottom,  but again, are likely to recover quickly. The exception is matters of the heart – Leos have a hard time recovering from a broken heart. This may even lead to problems with their physical, beating heart. 

Leos very much like to feel appreciated and can get upset if they think you feel otherwise. They are noble and will also take offence if you accuse them of having bad intentions.