Gemini Sign

May 21 – June 22 approx.

The Gemini sign is a mutable Air sign, symbolized by the Twins, with Mercury as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). People born under the Gemini sign have excellent communication skills, are good networkers and can collate information and pass it to others who will benefit.

Geminis can be restless, and because of this restlessness they need down time to recharge. They can be emotionally detached and flit from one thing to another. They would benefit from learning to be more focused which would enable them to utilize the mental powers granted to them by the ruling Mercury. Geminis get bored often and appear to change in the blink of an eye.

Often very good at getting on with people, Geminis are friends with most, from many walks of life. They can be a little detached and seem slightly aloof at first, and although they may have many friends, there a relatively few they would call close. 

Geminis tend to be easy-going and easy to be around. They are generally attuned to the lighter side of life – an attribute that can frustrate friends seeking advice regarding problems of a deeper nature.

gemini sign

Sun in Gemini

Gemini sun natives are clever, versatile, perceptive, talkative, curious, intuitive and logical, although they can also be restless, contradictory, critical, two-faced and impatient. Geminis need a great deal of variety, enjoy doing several things at once and detest boredom. They easily move from one experience to another, gathering information but rarely in any depth. Persistence is not their strongest trait, but instead, they are excellent at gathering information and disseminating it. 

Geminis also have the ability to see both sides of the argument and as a result, may fluctuate between opposing views. They usually side with whomever they happen to be with in any given moment, and are prone to indecisiveness. Geminis are usually emotionally detached, using their minds to guide their decision-making.

Geminis like to be stimulated mentally and will tend to read broadly or interact with others to satisfy this yearning. If this is lacking they may find themselves darting from one project to another in an attempt to quell the discontent. 

Since Gemini’s think so rapidly, they have a tendency to finish the sentences of others, causing frustration on the part of the other person. They should learn to allow others to communicate a little more slowly. 

Gemini natives will also benefit from calming their mind as they can be very highly strung, and if they don’t learn to control this, it can make them ill. Meditation will help or keeping busy helping others.