Capricorn Sign

December 21 – January 22 approx.

The Capricorn sign is a Cardinal Earth sign, symbolized by the Sea Goat, with Saturn as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). Capricorns are ambitious by nature. They like honor, justice and authority. They work tirelessly to achieve their goals, carefully planning every step of the way. Once there, they immediately look for the next goal. They are serious, disciplined, and need to do lots of organizing before taking the next step. They like having long-term objectives and working steadily towards them. Capricorn sign natives value their career, as their self-esteem depends on the success they achieve within it.

capricorn sign

Sun in Capricorn

With Sun in Capricorn, you are prepared to take whatever it takes to be independent and achieve your goals. You are organized, efficient, methodical, patient, traditional, practical, disciplined, and honest. You may also be pessimistic, suspicious, intolerant, stubborn, and fear failure. 

Capricorns tend to be quiet; building a defense against the outside world. Work is important to them and they achieve their goals by steadfastly sticking to routine. They are excellent organizers and may have an inferiority complex that drives them to work harder. They tend to be good in a crisis as they always make very considered decisions, and weigh the pros and cons. Capricorns can be sensitive and sometimes this causes them to retreat a little, and become lonely, in order to avoid potential hurt. They may seek retribution.

Capricorns need a regular income  – they have a fear of being without material things. They are very disciplined and work steadily to achieve their goals. Once they have decided on a course of action, nothing will change their mind. They are willing to make sacrifices along the way if necessary. They like hard work and and being thorough. Capricorns are prudent and dislike waste. This also applies to conversation; they care little for small-talk and only speak when they have something valuable to say.

Capricorns can suffer from self-doubt and they should learn to overcome this. They are creative and a lack of confidence can hinder them. Optimism is a trait they develop as they are able to achieve whatever they set their mind to, so long as they don’t become thwarted by their own pessimism.

Capricorns tend to be patient, which is useful, as they also tend to fall prey to setbacks and delays within their plans. This does help them to learn to be less orientated towards the material and focus more towards the spiritual though. They find work comforting and use it to soothe themselves – for them it is a good remedy to almost anything, except overworking, which they often do. They find it difficult to truly relax and like to keep busy even in their spare time.

Although potentially lacking in the charisma of some of the other zodiac signs, Capricorns are respectful, thoughtful people who are warm-hearted and compassionate. They can easily relate to the problems of others through their own personal problems. Capricorns can be inhibited in expressing their emotions, especially with loved ones. They are romantic and emotional, but somewhat inhibited. They reserve emotionally giving themselves fully until they are sure their partner is compatible, but once they do, especially within marriage, they will do all they can to stay within the relationship as they feel any situation can be rectified if worked at.