Cancer Sign

June 21 – July 22 approx.

The Cancer sign is a Cardinal Water sign, symbolized by the Crab, with the Moon as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yin (negative, female). The Cancer sign is something of a contradiction, for it is an assertive (Cardinal) yet intuitive (Water) sign.

The intuitiveness of Cancer makes them work well in a business environment because they can feel for good or bad situations. Cancerians are emotionally led and sensitive. They desire to build a strong, secure family, and will fight to protect it. If threatened, Cancerians, like the Crab that symbolizes them, are likely to initially retreat into their shell (to protect their inner sensitivity) but will respond aggressively if necessary. They are generally nurturing and caring.

Cancers can be moody at times (especially if the Moon is in Cancer). They like to feel stable, and therefore don’t particularly like change. They like to feel safe. They can be sensitive, despite their hard shell (Crab) and they will probably respond by withdrawing. They tend to avoid confrontation.

Cancerians can be very friendly – they may be a bit touchy at times, but make very reliable, caring friends.

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer natives tend to approach life from the side, never head-on. They rarely tackle anything straight away. Their emotions can be up and down, which can be difficult for others. They are industrious, tenacious, thrifty, sociable and sympathetic. They can also be argumentative, emotional, sensitive, martyr-like, psychic and patriotic. 

Cancer natives react to life through their feelings as opposed to through their minds. They easily absorb vibrations from around them and it can be important that they’re in positive environments. They seek attention and affection from others and have a strong desire to feel security. This is usually found in the home and Cancerians are very home/family orientated – almost to a fault. Loved ones can feel smothered and Cancerians should learn to let them live their own lives.

cancer signCancerians tend to have a slower moving life force and as a result are less active than others. This may lead them to become out of shape and gain weight. They also tend to be worriers and keep problems to themselves, which can also result in ill-health. They can have a feeling that something is trying to sneak up on them and therefore, figuratively speaking, tend to walk sideways with one eye always looking behind. Balancing emotions is significant work for any Cancerian.

Cancer natives have a good memory which allows them to think back to how things were done – they can be quite sentimental although this can bring a sense of security.

Cancerians like to be at home, enjoy family life but also take pleasure in travel. It doesn’t matter how far they go though, they will always want to come home, even if it is only for short periods. They like a secure home base.