Aries Sign

March 20 – April 22 approx.

The Aries sign is a Cardinal Fire sign, symbolized by the Ram, with Mars as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). It is the first sign of the zodiac and represents new beginnings and initiative. Aries like to forge ahead without much planning and be very active. They are typically self-confident and like to lead, however this can be read as egotistical. People born under the Aries sign are pioneering, ambitious, energetic, impulsive, optimistic, innovative, leaders and self-assured. They oppose restraint, dislike being told what to do and would benefit from learning to be more tactful. They tend to directly oppose obstacles, butting their heads up against them (like the Ram), hoping that they will overcome the problem if they use enough force. They like challenge, are competitive and sometimes aggressive. They get bored easily and tend to switch from one thing to another without ‘seeing it through’.

Sun in Aries

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries are the first to start (and finish) whatever tasks inspire them at any given moment. They live life impulsively rather than planning ahead, but this can also lead to projects being started and not completed. Aries’ energies are directed towards what they want to achieve and building a new individuality. Aries sun natives can be impulsive, impatient, strong-willed, selfish but inspirational and courageous. They like leadership roles and being recognized for that. They are good organizers, mainly at getting projects off the ground – less so at maintaining them.

aries signAries natives can accomplish a great deal if they can direct and focus their energy well enough, and they are always ready for competition. Their energy and enthusiasm is inspiring to others and they have an endless stream of creative ideas. They will however, charge ‘full steam ahead’ regardless of obstacles, and this must be reined in if they are to use their energy constructively. 

Aries are very straight-forward and direct. They are not good at being subtle, and will say what’s on their mind. They are direct, expect the same from other people and just don’t get it when that isn’t the case. They don’t hold grudges, and although they may get angry at times, it passes quickly.

Aries can be self-obsessed and must remember that other people have good ideas too. They try to stand alone and complete tasks by themselves, when in fact co-operation with others would be of benefit. They tend to start projects easily but lose interest when they get bored or it becomes difficult.

Aries natives tend to be athletic and physical. They live in the now and and such, can be quite impatient – they are always looking for new projects and find it difficult to stick to one thing. They are pioneers. They are direct and will go after what they want via the quickest route available to them. Some Aries may have quieter personalities, but they are strong-willed underneath and will get the job done. 

Aries feel independent and confident, and love the feeling of a new challenge.