Aquarius Sign

January 20 – February 19 approx.

The Aquarius sign is a Fixed Air sign, symbolized by the Water-Bearer, with Uranus/Saturn as the ruling planet. Its polarity is Yang (positive, male). Aquarians tend to have a strong personality with an independent streak that pushes against convention. They are innovators who find it difficult to adopt a single point of view; they prefer the idea of one global community. They hate feeling restricted and will oppose that instantly. The same with routine; as soon as they feel they’ve fallen into a rut they will instigate a significant change in the their life. Aquarians tend to be pacifists and oppose violence.

Aquarians tend to be pacifists and oppose violence. They can often be slightly aloof although still liked by others. They tend to be very open-minded and tolerant. Any form of prejudice is usually disliked by an Aquarius.

Intellectual, humorous and with a keen mind, Aquarians typically prefer others to be upfront and honest. It’s normally difficult to throw an Aquarian off balance. 

aquarius sign

Sun in Aquarius

Aquarians tend to be original, intuitive, friendly, nonconformist, independent, broadminded, freedom-loving, unusual and helpful. They can also be unpredictable, rebellious, tactless, stubborn, rigid, eccentric and bohemian. Aquarians like to be inventive and like work that allows them to be so. 

Aquarians like to help the group in order to help themselves. Sharing knowledge with others to benefit everyone appeals to them. They prefer team work as opposed to working individually.

aquarius signThey can appear cold and aloof because they concern themselves with humanity as a whole, but they are friendly and warm, just from a distance. It is unlikely an Aquarian with seek approval from others (they aren’t concerned with ego), and they get on well with people. 

Aquarians enjoy adapting new ideas into traditional methods and they can be visionary. Their ideas aren’t always well received though by the people they’re trying to help. Some Aquarians are ahead of their time, others are just madcap. 

Aquarians can suffer from low energy which can lead them let go of projects before they’ve finished them. They have good intentions and determination but not always sufficient energy to remain motivated. They are critical thinkers; scientific, analytical and with the ability to draw accurate conclusions. They are very good at combining information but sometimes are just forgetful.

Generally speaking, Aquarians dislike gossip or arguing, unless they feel that someone or something needs defending. They like new and different ideas and have little time for people with closed minds. Some Aquarians like to rebel for the sake of rebellion, and try to avoid being tied down by regulations. 

Aquarius natives prefer friendships/relationships with people who are not possessive  – they give others plenty of space and expect the same in return. They seek an intellectual partner and can be cautious of marriage, because of their desire for independence.